Eat, sleep, what?

Sleep is something of a treat to most city slickers. With the constant juggling of work, exercise, cooking and eating, hobbies, kids, the list goes on. Now I love sleep no more than the next person but find it almost impossible to get the amount I need.

Here’s an interesting little find… Sleep Health Foundation Australia

I myself have only had about 3-4 hours sleep max and had to make a concoction of hydralyte, ginseng and 3 shot cap to stay propped up.

If that is not bad enough, we have the added glory of being informed that the lack of sleep has detrimental chronic effects like weight gain, heart disease, depression and more. Fun.

I don’t have kids and I probably get less sleep than people that do. Yes they complain they are kept up all night, but so am I.  why? some say technology is the problem, believed to suppress Melatonin. Lack of sleep has been found to impact our multitasking indices. This could be work, driving, listening or anything that actually requires you to use your brain for anything other than primal uses. My lifetime experience with little sleep personally does not have major affects on my day to day. It has nothing to do with the amount of coffee I drink. (smirk)

I once read that you can make up sleep and I strongly believe in it. Its called the week end. Unless you party all week end or have kids that is.

At what point do we take a look at our lifestyles and change our behaviours?

Until then, the cycle or torment goes on and on and on and on until we either get sick or die. Drastic I know but the sad reality is its not far from the truth.

You wouldn’t think living in such a beautiful country that promotes good work life balance could admit such significant problems.

Sleep deprivation ‘as bad as smoking’



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